Why is hater of social networks Ello starting to show up on the feeds of your social networks?

Ello is gaining some popularity after Facebook detached itself from a large amount of its LGBTQ user base.

The name Ello may have been seen on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter today. Ello started off and may perhaps still be relatively unknown, it has succeeded in keeping out of the spotlight, it is in fact still in private beta. All conversations about Ello were mostly taking place amonst people who aren’t technological, as in they were very hard to come across.

It’s not completely known as to why people are hyping about it today but it looks like it’s related to the topic of Facebook trying to get rid of those with fake names. This action pissed off the population of LGBTQ, some of which who use a different name to their actual names because it portrays their gender in a more obvious way or to perhaps try to avoid getting harassed. These alienated people are starting to leave Facebook and go on over to Ello in place of it. This is in accordance to the gay media site Queerty and also The Daily Lot.

The case of it still being in beta and requiring an invite to join hasn’t steered anyone away. Someone even were able to sell a beta invite on eBay for $500 to a willing bidder. It’s ranked number 6 in the “Hot Searches” of Google at the time I published this post.

At the time this application got its first glimpse of the spotlight, this was back in March and April, the company named itself the Anti-Facebook. But what makes it different to Snapchat, Nextdoor or Path is moreso a different Outlook than it being just a social network. Here’s a piece of the craziness;
Every single move you makes is recorded, tracked and converted into data. Also advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. It’s as if you are a product that is bought and sold.

We think that there must be a better way…We believe a social network can be a tool that gains power fort he individual. It’s not meant to be a tool to deceive, cheat, and manipulate. Instead it is a place to connect, create, be happy and celebrate the concept of life.

Ello tries to keep ads out of its app. Other than this it’s quite similar to Facebook. There you have a profile, you post statuses or pictures, you comment on other people’s posts, you become friends with people. There’s no newsfeed, but there is a section called the noise section with recent posts. It’s the sort of thing that I would usually ignore if I got it in my inbox, trying to get rid of it like shooing a cat away from the table.

Ello has made an appearance exactly at the right and perfect time, also maybe with the right disposition. It’s similar to Facebook but much less like a business. Its design is hippyish and minimalistic. But the simplicity of Ello is completely different to Facebook which is pumped up with feature after feature. Also is amateurish look may even appeal to those people who are into being a part of such a social network.

It’sjust like Facebook without the pressure of pleasing business people or appearing corporative. You can really tell that there are a lack of ads. The whole idea is that you spend your time looking at the posts of your friends instead of ads and sponsored links.

Ello has not made a whole bunch of money yet, so it’s able to make big statements saying that they place their users before products. It could continue in this way but it is eventually going to have to make money as their amount of users increases by day. The fact that it’s already getting alot traffic and crashing is not a good sign, and this is before it has even been launched.

Ello fans wants the site to remain true to its philosophy by charging users for features rather than bringing in ads. Quinn Norton, who is an Ello user and journalist posted on the site, asking users to pay allows Ello to do something no other online company is doing right now-make Ello better for users. This is a great advantage for Ello, because it would mean they could actually listen to users and give them an experience that would, given enough time, be so much better than the massive social networks.

We feel that a big deal should not be made over identity. Snapchat has shown that people like to escape daily life, a way to broadcast to the world without it following you forever. Secret and Whisper have given people wanting to not be known, a way to share, connect, and relate all in anonymity. Maybe Ello will show that people want something in the middle, a way to hide themselves from certain people whilst connecting to others. In the way that it was on MySpace; share as much or as little about your real self as you would like to.

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