The polling feature of Twitter doesn’t offer much help to brands

If it is made public brand names may not be pleased with the new polling feature of Twitter

Twitters upcoming feature which is expected to be released soon is a polling feature. It’s not exactly an official feature just yet, this was spotted by The Next Web who saw some tweets regarding the poll tweets. Although users will be able to ask a poll question and their followers will be able to reply within the same tweet. If this is actually brought into fruition and introduced to the public, this polling feature will be a substitute for third party polling application, just in the way that there was no need for Twitpic anymore with the introduction of a camera button. This would keeep users on Twitter and perhaps increase the number of answers to polls due to the fact that people would not have to get out of the site to answer.

According to Marc Fischman who is the CEO of social networking analytics platform Hyperactivate, it’s not just a feature that’ll get brands all excited on Twitter. Hyperactivate has been around since 2010, they have worked with big brands like American Airlines, Pepsi, NBC, and others, so Fischman knows a thing or two about social marketing.

Fischman told me that Twitter’s experiment with embedded polling will not nearly change the game as much as a feature like the buy button. He also added that today, brands are more interested in ROI rather than engagement – engagement was last year’s problem.

In a few ways, polling can sometimes pose a problem for brands. This is due to the fact that it keeps followers on Twitter, instead of driving them to the company’s own personal site, it limits the marketing opportunity. The one way a Twitter polling feature could benefit brands is if the social media company offers analytics on the poll responses, statistics of who responded, most active poll respondents etc.

In-app polling will be fun Twitter users. It has become a mainstay of anonymous social networks Secret and Whisper, which is maybe where Twitter got the idea from. Although the company hasn’t released information on this feature of experimentation just yet, we have asked for comment and we will get back to you all when there is a reply.

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