The best ways to dispose old computer devices

The high demand of computers has increased production to an all-time high. Statistics show that in a few years, 20% of the population will own a computer device. These devices include laptops, tablets and desktops. Due to this high production one thing is for sure. There will be a need to dispose them at one time or the other.

E-waste can be very harm to the environment if proper steps are not taken when disposing used computer devices. Some computer components are manufactured using toxic chemical and heavy metals which are health hazards to human beings, animals and plants in general.
Here are some available options to consider when you are disposing off your old computer regardless of the reason for your disposal.

Trade in

When going to buy a new computer to upgrade your old one it is advisable to enquire if the store can accept trade in. This is a process where a store takes the old computer at an agreed price; you add money and walk away with a new computer. This old computer can be sold to someone else.

Giving to friends and family

There are times when you would like to dispose your computer not because it is not working but you because you want a better one. It is advisable to give it to another person instead of throwing it away. This will reduce the amount of e-waste.


If your computer is beyond repair, you can find companies that recycle e-waste. This is a viable option because you will be paid for your junk. You will have some money back to your pocket even after having used your computer to exhaustion. To some countries there is a booming business where people open shops to buy these parts for recycling.


Today there are very many people in developing countries who are operating second hand computer shops. These shops are aimed at giving people who are economical disadvantaged a chance to own computers. This has reduced e-waste in a big way.

Computers have become a necessity in today’s life but if not taken care of and not carefully disposed they can be of great danger to the environment. E-waste management experts have come up with ways to curb this disaster, it our duty to implement them. Keep the environment clean for healthy living.

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