Sony Can’t Sell Mid-range Ware Fast Enough

Sony has announced that their cell-phone range was the largest revenue contributor last in 2013 but all is not well at the much-loved Japanese electronics manufacturer… they have predicted losses of over US $2 billion, a greater decline than had been predicted due to the fact that Sony will be shedding some of the value of its mobile technologies research and development business.

They will be impaired by a charge of about 180 billion yen and Sony has been clamoring to shift gears and stabilize their presence in the mobile market as being a premium handset manufacturer and drastically reducing the amount of non-flagship products they will be producing in the coming year. The reason behind this is that they were simply too slow to enter emerging markets, lagging behind Huawei and HTC among many other Asian companies. Their foray into those markets was not a success, so they will be aiming at markets where they have great brand recognition thanks to their Playstation range of gaming consoles.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the mobile business was Sony’s largest revenue contributor last year and was also responsible for the most profit generated. Sony is making waves in the mobile market, just not in the shallow end.

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