How To Remove Facebook Advertisements

Facebook is a social network through which you are able to connect with friends and relatives. It is enhanced with various functions which makes interaction through the platform more enjoyable and efficient. Modern trends have also seen incorporation of marketing and advertising in to the scene. This is an important development which further lifts the growth status of the social network platform. However it is also responsible for many adverts and banners which more often than not are meaningless to the Facebook users.

There are many adverts which appear on your Facebook page. Facebook advertisements are a new opening through which players in the industry have been using to reach out to potential clients. Whereas these may be ideal and informative, they may also be a hindrance and a source of distraction. Others provide faulty information which you do not require.

Ads manager

The Ads manager option is the ideal option which offers access as to whether the advert appearing on your page can be removed or suspended. When you access this point all active advertisements are displayed. It is here that they can be terminated, paused or played.

Ads status

The statuses of different activities are shown in the Ads Manager. The activities may be active, paused or deleted. This can be found directly at the top page to the right of the campaign name. Change the status of activities is done at this point, by choosing the option from a drop down menu. This is then followed by saving which is the final step needed to apply the new settings. The process is also done for campaigns, which in most cases appear in the same manner as the adverts.

Removing Facebook advertisements may be a choice for many. However it is important to identify the content which you intend to remove as the advert. This is because other applications such as adware may be appear as adverts or banner. Adware use different process, so the right ones need to be chosen in order to stop them.

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