How to create a custom URL for your Facebook page

After you created your Facebook page, then most likely, you have recognized how long and even garbled your business URL is. This is the case because the URL was just automatically created. And you are most probably wondering how to replace your long URL?

Possibly, you might be asking yourself the significance of creating a custom URL? Having your own for your business is a plus since it distinguishes your business from other similar businesses. As such a custom URL helps your business stand out as you have a platform to communicate with your clients as well as potential customers.

Here are steps to follow so as to create your vanity URL:

After you login in to you Facebook account, Go to

On the yellow box you will find a username for the individual profile. Ideally this is username is in no way related to the page username that you already have.  

Click on the link underneath that reads “Set a username for your Pages."

A dialog box will pop up. Should you have several Facebook Pages; a drop down menu will appear that shows all your Pages. Select at least one for which the URL is wanted.

NB: To be eligible for your own username, you should have at least twenty five fans

If you choose a page that has less than 25 fans, you will be notified of your non-eligibility.  Choosing one which already has a username, the existing usernameautomatically gets displayed, and this can never be changed. Therefore type in the username that you desire, after which, you check for its availability.  

If then you are comfortable with your username, then click "Confirm." At that, your custom Facebook URL is ready but be informed that a chosen username in unchangeable.

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