Continuuity, which is a big data startup program, becomes Cask and is now entirely open source

Three options are put forth for users of Cask’s open-source big data PaaS: CDAP Free, CDAP Standard and CDAP Enterprise.

The big data PaaS startup Continuuity, that has been very busy open sourcing many different pieces of technology over the past few months, is diving into a risk and going totally open source and is changing its name to Cask. The company’s flagship technology, Continuuity Reactor is also getting a name change and will be referred to as the Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP).

Three options are required from Cask; CDAP Free, CDAP Standard and CDAP Enterprise. The enterprise version will have extra maintenance, updating and security features while the free version comes with just the bare essentials, according to CEO Jonathan Gray.

Gray says, The CDAP platform of Cask was a thing that needed time to permeate as proprietary technology before it was able to be revealed to the open source community.

Gray said that they knew what they wanted to build and the fastest path to that point. He also added that software development in a closed way can iterate more quickly to a directed goal.

Gray said the startup made the decision that now was the time to open source the entirety of its technology and build a community so that it can extend its reach. Taking into consideration that a lot of Cask’s customers are already customers of other companies that deal with open-source- such as Hortonworks, they have already become accustomed to the idea of buying subscriptions so the news of Cask’s attempt at open source shouldn’t be too surprising to everyone.

It was said by Gray that the company stuck with the name Cask because it was nice and catchy and seems like it has something to do with developing; it also represents what the startup feels just in the way it was meant to be. For example how grapes can be sitting there for a while and then suddenly turn into great wine, Cask’s platform can help developers build detailed applications from simple pieces without coders having to deal with all the details of what actually is taking place.

In other news that is related to this, the jetStream stream processing technology that Cask was working on with AT&T Labs called jetStream will now be known as Tigon and is available as a developer preview as early as Thursday.

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