Android apps are converted by this Android app to run on Chrome

It’s not a really difficult task to convert Android apps to run on Chrome but this can be quite difficult and in fact it requires a computer. Everything is made easier for you now because a new Android app takes care of all this for you so that you can run other Android apps on Chromebooks or computers that have Chrome.

For the past week I have been using Android apps on my Chromebook, all due to the assistance of Google’s App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) beta software. ARC is only officially able to support four Android apps but in a non official way you are able to convert any Android application in order to run on Chrome OS or even a computer that has the Chrome browser. This conversion is a manual action and you are required to find and download the Android app or even installable app file in order to operate it.

Currently a new Android app called the Chrome APK Packager gets rid both of these issues.


On the site of XDA Developers, a member of a forum site whose name is bpear96 was able to create an Android app that is able to convert other Android apps so they can run on Chrome. It doen’t just make thing easier by removing the manual aspect involved in the conversion process. This process necessitates additional software on your computer and it also uses command lines. It also adds an aspect of safety to the operation.

This is the reason why; In place of having to search for Android app .apk files and hope that they’re protected from malware, the Chrome APK Packager quite easily uses the Android apps you already have on your Android device. In the majority of these cases, those would have come from the Google Play Store, which is a source that is much more safe than the unpredictable web.


In order to use the Chrome APK Packager, you quite easily choose which of your already installed Android apps you want to convert. After this it takes out a zip file containing all of the needed files to install the Android app as a Chrome extension in the browser or on a Chrome OS device.

This packager app is not always compatible. Some apps, such as Skype, will work whereas the other ones I tried did not work. Although it does make the whole process swifter, simpler and a tad bit more secure.

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