Advantages of IT as a communication platform

IT is an abbreviation of Information Technology. This is the application of computers and other telecommunication devices in storage, transmission, manipulation and retrieval of data. In most cases the term is used synonymously with computer technology but then; IT involves use of other devices like mobile phones and televisions. Since the innovation of computer technology, information technology has changed the communication industry for the better.

Information technology has increased efficiency in business organizations. The way communication was done in the past was tedious and took time. Distant offices, for instance, the branch offices of an organization, would get memos sent from the head office after a long time. With IT in place, information can be sent and received in real time. With the help of telephones and the Internet, there is efficiency in communication.

Information can now be spread over to a variety of recipients within the shortest time possible. With the use of mobile phones, the Internet, print media, radios and television, information can be sent and received in any part of the word instantly. For instance, when advertising, an advert can be viewed by millions of people on social media and on television across the world. IT has transformed the world into a global village.

The operational costs of many organizations have been reduced tremendously with the integration of IT into business. In the past, organizations spent a lot of money and time in sending information from one source to another. This involved paying carriers or messengers and sometimes the information could be tampered with. With IT, the only operational expenses are the service provider costs, which are cheap.

With information technology, organizations can share information with ease leading to efficiency in output. For instance, banks can share credit information online without bulky print work.

Storage and protection of information has been enhanced by the introduction and use of information technology. Both the business files and client records should be kept to ensure confidentiality. Information stored in computers can have limited access by use of passwords and encryption codes.

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